Resso Mod Apk Latest V3.3.6 (Premium Full Unlocked)

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resso mod apk
About App
App NameResso Mod Apk
Updated VersionV3.3.6
File Size74 MB
Supported Android5.0 and up
PublisherMoon Video Inc
MOD InfoPremium Full Unlocked
Updated Date3 August 2023

Resso Mod Apk Enhance Music Experience

No other form of entertainment can lift our spirits and evoke our emotions like music. You can enjoy a more immersive music experience with the Resso Mod APK. There are several unique features available in this app, including functionalities that allow you to share verses, connect with like-minded music fans, explore diverse podcasts, and discover new artists whose music you enjoy.

What is Resso Mod Apk?

A modified version of the original Resso music streaming application is available as Resso Mod Apk. A popular music streaming application, Resso mod app allows users to listen to music from various genres and artists.

The service features unique and interactive features, such as sharing favorite verses, responding to songs, leaving comments, and creating personalized playlists.

resso mod apk

Key features of Resso Mod Apk

Resso’s music streaming app offers the following features:

1. Sharing the Favorite Verses

The Resso Mod Apk allows users to share their favorite song verses with friends and followers. A unique feature of this app allows music lovers to connect on a deeper level through the emotions evoked by the lyrics.

A user can spark discussions on social media platforms by sharing a verse and finding like-minded individuals affected by the same emotions.

2. Ad-Free Listening

The Resso Mod Apk provides ad-free music streaming, so the streaming experience is flawless and continuous.

3. High-Quality Audio

Stream your favorite tracks in crystal-clear, high-quality sound. A Resso Mod Apk allows you to enjoy music exactly as the artists intended. Users could listen to their favorite songs with higher clarity, richer tones, and deeper depth.

4. Offline Listening

It would help never to let connectivity issues interfere with your musical experience. The Resso Mod Apk allows offline listening, which allows you to download your favorite tracks and listen to them later without any internet connection on your mobile device.

5. Lyrics Integration

To make sure you are fully engrossed in the music, the words are included in it. With the real-time lyrics in the Resso Mod App, you may sing along to your favorite songs whenever you want.

6. Social Sharing

The Resso Mod allows you to connect with music lovers of similar interests. Users could post song links, album covers, or personalized playlists on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more platforms.

7. Customizable Interface

The Resso Mod Apk provides a customizable interface, allowing you to customize themes and layouts according to your preferences. To improve user accessibility and comfort, the Resso Mod includes options to change text sizes, icon styles, and other visual features.

8. Unlimited Skips

The Resso Mod provides “Unlimited Skips,” which enables you to explore a vast library of music without being constrained.

Users may quickly navigate to their favorite songs with “Unlimited Skips,” explore new tracks more efficiently and have more control over their music listening experience.

Unlocked Premium Features

  • Stream your favorite tracks offline while you continue to download them.
  • The service is uninterrupted and ad-free.
  • Excellent audio quality at 256 kbps.
  • The ability to skip to any song you choose, plus much more!
  • A single track/music/song can be downloaded in various versions.
  • Music is continuously streamed.
  • Unlike Spotify, its algorithm recommends the best songs for you.
  • The majority of songs are available for listening.
  • A song is always played based on your preferences or vibes.

Download and install Resso Mod Apk

The first step to installing any third-party apk is to allow it to be installed from the settings menu.

  • Visit
  • The download button can be found here
  • Once the download is complete, tap the downloaded application.
  • A pop-up window will appear with the installer.
  • The installation button should be tapped.


This app is helpful for music lovers. You can use it without problems. It has all of the premium features. This app is entirely virus-free.

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People also ask

How to get Resso premium free?

First, visit Here you can find the full premium version free of cost, download and enjoy.

Can we use Resso without premium?

Yes, Resso provides free downloads, but you must upgrade to a Premium account. Resso songs can only be downloaded for free by Premium users.

Can we listen to music offline on Resso?

The Resso Premium membership allows users to download songs from Resso so they may listen to their music offline.

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